This installation has been designed for a desktop computer or laptop.

why is there an astronaut in a field of flowers/ is an experimental collaboration between a machine-learning app and a character, referred to as ‘the artist’, with occasional music by a composer who also works with technology. Within the context of coinciding paradigms, one linear, the other networked and entangled, conversations are recorded and photographs shared, cultural favourites celebrated and dreams discussed – but any familiarity we may have had with lines, boundaries and the shape of content is challenged. Instead, entities are encouraged to interact, become enmeshed, to re-form and evolve, or else just slip away.
How to view the installation:
︎To move through the site, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to go forward or backward.
︎Access this page/ bookshop/improvisation via a menu in the top right-hand corner.
︎Change the size of your browser; move objects around with your mouse;  enjoy journeying through the app and artist’s relationship.

Images and text: Sarah-Jane Field and her artificial intelligent friend. 
Music: Composed by Simon Gwynne with the help of Magenta's Music Transformer Neural Network.